UShaka Residency

UShaka Residency

May 31, 2006

On June 8 & 9 Opera Africa will be performing UShaka, the musical telling of the life of legendary Zulu warrior Shaka.  Seventy singers from South Africa have flown to the U.S. to bring this incredible performance to the Ravinia stage. Before the perfomance, Opera Africa will be participating in several community outreach events including a choral exchange with three professional choirs (Lira, Ngoma, and the Chicago Chamber Choir) on Friday, June 2, and with six high school choirs on Monday, June 5.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the UShaka cast and the local choirs to blend their styles, a learning experience for them both.  We are especially excited for the high school choirs, who will present a pre-concert performance before both UShaka concerts here at Ravinia. It should be very interesting to see and hear the interaction between these widely varied choirs, a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.UShaka is also exploring the local community, bringing their unique sound and story to the Chicago Botanical Gardens on Saturday June 3 and the St. Sabina Church morning service on Sunday June 4.  We’re eager to see UShaka take an active role in the community, giving the Chicago area a glimpse of African culture.  These are all great chances to see UShaka live before their Ravinia premiere on Thursday and Friday. ~Nick Rego, Marketing InternNick is this summer's marketing intern.  He will be a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he is majoring in English and Art History. 


Thanks for noting the

Thanks for noting the mistake, Marc!  UShaka is indeed on JUNE 8th and 9th.  Much appreciated. 

uShaka is performed June 8

uShaka is performed June 8 and 9, not August 8 and 9.

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